Q:How do I know how much filament I need to use for a model?

After you sliced a model in Panobuilder you will see the weight of your model. On the side of the filament roll you see how many grams that are left.

Q:On which side of the printer should I insert the filament roll?

On the left side when you look at the front of the 3D printer.

Q:Can I use any filament?

Yes, you can use any PLA filament that is 1.75mm thick. But the size of the Panospace roll is made to fit in to the printer so in that case you need to feed the filament separate from the printer.
To get the best results we do recommend that you use the Panospace filament because it has been tested together with the printer.

Q:The filament is stocked in the nozzle?

This can happen if you leave the filament inside the extruder for a longer period of time or shut down the printer before the nozzle is cooled down.
Preheat the nozzle to a high temperature so the filament melts down. Go to settings and change the temperature to about 240-250 degrees, preheat the nozzle.
Go back to menu and unload the filament, sometimes you need force the filament out from the nozzle.
Cut the edge on the filament and load again, you might need to push the filament thought the nozzle.

Q:Didn´t you find what you are looking for?

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